Art of Memories, Curating at the Hermitage

Published on April 23rd at Columbia University Press, the new book of Vincent Antonin Lépinay documents the conservation practices of the

Socioeconomic dependencies of linguistic patterns and their inference in Twitter

Tuesday June 25th, 2019, Marton Karsai will be médialab’s guest. He will present his work about “Socioeconomic dependencies of

The production of international expertise in environment : the IPCC case

Kari de Pryck (Université de Genève) présentera son travail sur

Linkage software for the analysis of communication networks

Pierre Latouche (University Paris Descartes and Ecole Polytechnique) will present his work

Statistical learning and visualization for data mining

Etienne Come présentera son parcours entre apprentissage statistiques, visualisation et données massives

“People Like You”: The social life of the index

Celia Lury (University of Warwick) will present her recent work at the médialab's seminar.

Fukushima : un retour en demi-teinte

For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active ...

Digital Culture

Dominique Cardon's book on the cognitive revolution caused by the entry of digital technology into our societies

Digital tools to catch the complexity of social worlds

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019, Francis Chateauraynaud will present at the médialab's seminar

Analyser la construction sociale de la mémoire à partir de la cartographie du web. L’exemple de la Grande Guerre.

Valérie Beaudouin, Télécom ParisTech, qui présentera son travail sur la cartographie du web de la Grande Guerre.

Médialab’s talks at FOSDEM’19

Pour la cinquième année consécutive, le médialab sera représenté au FOSDEM, la rencontre européenne des développeurs de logiciels ...

Seeing the Differences : A New History of Information Design

Wednesday March 6th, 2019 Paul Kahn will present a New History of Information Design at the médialab's seminar.

Digging into parliamentary data: feedbacks from ‘’ 2018 datasprint in Lyon

From Wednesday June 27th 2018 to Saturday 30th, about 25 coders, social scientists, Member of the Parliament (MP) assistants, designers and

Hiring Professor – STS and environment

Sciences Po's médialab is hiring a Professor in STS and environment

Translate data into pictures

Tuesday January 15th, 2019 Dario Rodighiero will present his latest work about "translating data into pictures" at the médialab's seminar.

Society does not let itself be put into equations… and algorithms

Médialab's seminar moderated by Pablo Jensen

Livre-Echange – Vies du livre et pratiques des lecteurs

This event has been cancelled. See the French description.

Vaccine criticism on the web

Medialab's research seminar moderated by J. Ward, P. Guille-Escuret and F. Cafiero

The social credit system in China

Séminaire de recherche animé par Séverine Arsène

The Production of Information in an Online World

Research seminar moderated by Julia Cagé

Can we have our facts back? Testing the Web for public knowledge

Noortje Marres, University of Warwick, moderated Medialab's research seminar on Wednesday November 7th

Climate change and displacement : Research Approaches and Findings

Médialab' Sciences Po will welcome Dr. Alex de Sherbinin (University of Columbia, US) for a conference on Climate change and displacement

Hiring Professor – Digital Social Sciences

Sciences Po's médialab is hiring a Professor in Digital Social Sciences

Digitalization ans smart green (r)evolution

L'Observatoire Hugo en partenariat avec le medialab de Sciences Po, organise la conférence annuelle du programme EDGE à l'Université ...

AI as the latest evolution of algorithmic culture

Mardi 2 octobre, le séminaire du médialab accueille Jonathan Roberge du Centre Urbanisation Culture Société de l’Institut National de

Algorithmic culture and machinic creolization

Mardi 18  septembre, le séminaire du médialab accueille Nicolas Nova pour une intervention intitulée «Cultures algorithmiques et ...

Hiring Research Engineer in Digital Methods

Médialab is hiring a new research engineer in digital methods to specifically use the web as a research field in Social Sciences.

Teaching assistant «Practical Code»

In the fall of 2018, Sciences Po Undergraduate College is setting up a joint “Digital Cultures” course for 1,600 second-year ...

Workshop RMLL 2018 : How is the law made ?

The law Factory will pressent a workshop for the RMLL 2018 in Starsbourg

Teaching assistant «Digital Cultures»

Sciences Po recrute 10 teaching assistant en « Culture numérique » pour les étudiants du collège universitaire.