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Data processing for research: which methods, which tools?

The Sciences Po methodology seminar (MetSem) is a place for exchanging and sharing information on the plurality of tools and methods in the human and social sciences.



The objective of this seminar is to respond to the growing need for training expressed by users who have to apply different methods of quantitative and/or qualitative data analysis using adapted tools and procedures. It focuses on the entire data processing chain, from data collection, through preparation, analysis and visualization. 

It is part of a knowledge sharing and experience feedback approach. The MetSem is open to all, the sessions are practical, didactic and aim to provide the keys to the methods discussed and to train the participants as well as possible.

A seminar by and for specialists in scientific research methods, study and research engineers, doctoral students, researchers, and others.

Course of the seminar

The program, the speakers and the registration link are communicated in advance on the MetSem blog and in the medialab news. 

Each session takes place in a hybrid format and lasts two hours, generally divided into 90 minutes for the speakers and 30 minutes for an open discussion with the audience.

The history of the sessions and recordings is available on the MetSem blog.

Organizing Committee

The MetSem steering committee is composed of : 

  • Yuma Ando, CEE
  • Diego Antolinos-Basso, Cevipof/médialab
  • Audrey Baneyx, médialab
  • Frédérik Cassor, Cevipof
  • Flora Chanvril-Ligneel, Cevipof
  • Marion Frelat, médialab
  • Guillaume Garcia, CDSP