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Axel Meunier

I experience collective research situations in digital social sciences.

PhD Student

Axel Meunier is an associate researcher at the medalab. He is currently a design engineer at CIS for the SoBigData++ project and a PhD student in design at Goldsmiths College. His research practice proposes participatory design as a method of inquiry in the social sciences and experiments with audience participation as co-investigators in line with his work with the medialab for several years. In SoBigData++, he assists the project partners in the design of datathon formats for digital social sciences, in the line of datasprints on socio-technical controversies.

His thesis focuses on audiences already engaged with artificial intelligence: their composition, ability to negotiate/contest/be affected by algorithmic infrastructures. "How to rematerialize "Artificial Intelligence" in a situated way" is the fundamental question of this research, which is presented as a series of fields of inquiry co-designed with other research institutions, educational institutions, associations, cultural spaces etc. The analysis of these fields will test the concept of algorithmic situation as a framework for describing the contexts of use of artificial intelligence technologies.

He studied at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and at Sciences Po Paris in the Experimentation Program in Art and Politics, and currently takes part, at the medialab, in the Algoglitch research program. In addition, he has been active in the field of art within interdisciplinary artistic collectives (Save As Draft, Arts Visuels Debout, DUUU Radio, Cuesta of which he is an associate artist) questioning the formats of sharing and collectivization of public problems.

Iframe https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ir-QlWk-nmvY8fLOw8ZV2bbVwNus5MJ4/preview

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