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Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou

I design digital tools and methods for data collection and analysis, particularly around the web and parliamentary life.

Technical Director - Research Engineer

As a multidisciplinary engineer from École Centrale de Lyon since 2005, Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou specialises in applying computer science to scientific research. After multiple experiences within the astrophysics field at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins University in the USA and École Normale Supérieure in Paris then, Benjamin enters the social sciences field as an OpenData activist before he joins Sciences Po in 2012 by participating in 2009 to the creation of Regards Citoyens, an NGO which uses informatics to provide a better understanding of the French democratic institutions by re-creating, re-distributing, analysing and visualising data from public information. He joins the médialab among the DIME Web team in June 2012 as a webmining expert in order to develop tools for social sciences such as the webcrawler Hyphe and the Twitter collection tool Gazouilloire.

Selected works