Mathieu is a research engineer at the Sciences Po Paris médialab since 2010. In the DIME-SHS Team he leads the web sub-project where he develops digital tools for the social sciences and provides support and advice in digital methods to scholars. His current research focuses on visual network analysis, digital methods and issue mapping. He initiated the Gephi network analysis software and is still developing it, notably through algorithms like ForceAtlas2, and he is currently developing the web crawler Hyphe. He was also strongly involved in the e-Diasporas Atlas program with Dana Diminescu from 2006 to 2010. He tweets at @jacomyma.


GIRARD Paul, PLIQUE Guillaume, JACOMY Mathieu. Manylines, a graph web publication platform with storytelling features. In Graph processing devroom, Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting (FOSDEM). Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2015.

2010 - Bastian, M., Heymann, S., Jacomy, M., Gephi: An Open Source Software for Exploring and Manipulating Networks in Proceedings of the Third International ICWSM Conference

2006 - Pfaënder, F., Jacomy, M., Fouetillou, G. Two Vision of the Web : From Globality to Localities in Proceedings of IEEE ICTTA06


Journal Articles

VENTURINI, T., JACOMY, M., BANEYX, A., & GIRARD, P. (2015). Hors champs: la multipositionnalité par l’analyse des réseaux. Working Paper, Médialab.

JACOMY, M., VENTURINI, T., HEYMANN, S., & BASTIAN, M. (2014). ForceAtlas2, a Continuous Graph Layout Algorithm for Handy Network Visualization Designed for the Gephi Software. PloS One, 9(6), e98679. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098679

GIRARD, Paul, JACOMY, Mathieu, BANEYX, Audrey,  et al. The Hypertext Corpus Initiative : methods and tools for Social Sciences to build corpus from the web. Digital Humanities Luxembourg 2012 : Websites as Sources. Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG.  2012.

Maps & Viz

The “Self Organization” network represents a network extracted from 572 entries of the ISI Web of Knowledge.


Ce site web propose des documents et des données téléchargeables en accompagnement du livre "La Fabrique de la Défiance".

Working Papers