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Donato Ricci

I work on the hybridization of Design research methods with those of Social Sciences.

Research Designer

Donato Ricci is a designer and researcher. He specialises in the use of Design Methods in Human and Social Sciences. 

He followed the design aspects of Bruno Latour’s AIME project with whom he co-curated the Reset Modernity! exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe and at the Shanghai Himalayas Museum

From 2005 to 2012 he has been involved in the development of the DensityDesign Lab's research programs. Here he started and deepened his interest in exploring the role of visual languages and digital data to increase public engagement in complex social issues. 

He is Assistant Professor of “Representação e Conhecimento” (Knowledge and Representation) at the Universidade de Aveiro. In his courses he exposes the representational mechanisms of diagrams and maps, repurposing them for Design practices. He is part of the SPEAP Programme in Political Arts within SciencesPo School of Public Affairs, where he fosters the use of political design as trigger for social change. 

His work has been featured in several conferences and exhibitions (Medialab Prado – Visualizar; SIGGRAPH Conference; MIT Humanities + Digital Conference, The Art of Network), publications and showcases (Data Flow; Information Graphics; Visual Complexity; Visual storytelling). He received a silver and a bronze at the Malofiej-Awards, and selected, 2018, for the ADI Design Index.

Selected works