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RésIn - Le réseau d'ingénieur·e·s à Paris

How to federate the research engineering professions?

The RésIn project aims to create a network of research methods professionals within the collective of institutions that make up Sciences Po and the Université Paris Cité.


Project objectives

The development of this multidisciplinary network will make it possible to federate the engineers working at Sciences Po and the Université Paris Cité (UPC), through actions to enhance the skills of each individual and collective training in quantitative and qualitative tools and methods, while developing research synergies.


  • On the one hand, it is a matter of scaling up the Sciences Po methodology seminar (MetSem) and the Sciences Po methodology workshop (MetAt), by jointly and regularly organizing these initiatives with the research centers of the partner UPC. In this sense, we also wish to export the MetAt model outside the walls of Sciences Po. The purpose of these collaborations is to disseminate know-how to a wide audience and to federate professionals in research methods from Sciences Po and the UPC.
  • On the other hand, it is a question of designing a directory of research engineer profiles from both institutions, which we define as all the professions in the data processing chain, from data collection, through preparation, analysis and visualization. This directory will be a privileged tool to highlight the needs and capacities of training, allowing to promote the skills of each beyond their respective institutions.

Project philosophy

Research engineering occupies a central role in the production of knowledge, thanks to the know-how in quantitative and qualitative methods that allow for the deepening of fields of investigation and the exploration of new ones. This is particularly the case in the context of the digital transition, which is transforming our societies, giving rise to a multitude of data and, as a result, a multitude of ways to produce and process them. 

However, these personnel are often scattered and isolated in their respective research laboratories. This organization makes it difficult for engineers to provide methodological training to researchers and students who request it, nor to train each other.

The RésIn project is a way to address these issues, while maintaining the Medialab's historical commitment to the free circulation of know-how in research methods.

Funding and partnerships

The RésIn project is supported by the ANR and the French government as part of the IdEx Université Paris Cité program (ANR-18-IDEX-0001).