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Google Bookmarklets

Easily change a Google Search into its 100 results version and extract a CSV of results across ...

ANTA, actor-network text analyzer

ANTA or Actor Network Text Analyzer is a piece of software developed by the Sciences Po médialab ...


The CorTexT initiative of IFRIS proposes tools to explore and analyse semantics dynamics in corpus o

Table 2 Net

Extract a network from a table. Set a column for nodes and a column for edges. It deals with ...


Take advantage of artoo.js scraping features in a node.js serverside crawling framework optionally u

I Want Hue

Colors for data scientists. Generate and refine palettes of optimally distinct colors.


A python library to read or write gexf format, the xml file format to store graph.


Gazouilloire is a simple backend tool to collect within a Mongo database all tweets matching a list


A tweet curation tool for humanities. Takes output from Gazouilloire or TCAT and lets one easily ...

issue 2 navicrawler

A python library to transform a issuecrawler xml file into a navicrawler wxsf (xml) file format.


Publish a simple website from a _public_ google drive folder without coding in HTML


Sigma is a JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing. It makes easy to publish networks on Web


A simple interface to extract texts from (almost) any url.


Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and ...


Helpers for scientometrics. Convert files, get networks, visualize stuff from Scopus or Web of ...

Hyphe Browser

A full browser connected to a Hyphe server to constitute, navigate and categorize the webpages of ...


SeeAlsology is a simple tool to explore in a quick & dirty way the semantic area related to ...

Graph Recipes

Graph Recipes is an environment to apply JS scripts to your network. Compute metrics, produce ...


Use this old tool to explore the web in Firefox and build a corpus. Export the hyperlink network to


artoo.js - the client-side scraping companion.


Easily create rich qualitative and quantitative maps from CSV files against different geographical p

CSV Rinse Repeat

You have a CSV and you need to transform it into a better CSV, which includes filtering, ...


Visualize densities on spatialized networks. Get a global heatmap or a heatmap of the neighborhood o