Thomas Tari is a sociologist of science. He has a diploma from EHESS and a doctorate from the University of Paris-Est. His research focuses on the emergence of research in bioenergy as a new frame of knowledge production. He supported a thesis on the subject in December 2015. He joined the médialab in February 2015, to participate in the FORCCAST project (Training in the analysis of the sciences and techniques through controversy mapping – laureate of the call to excellence initiatives for innovative training) as a pedagogical engineer. He is an organizer and scientific animator during the summer schools (60 participants in 2015). He has taught sociology, statistics and ethnology as an instructor, ½ ATER then ATER full time (UPEM, 2009-2014), and is teaching courses in science and technology studies since 2010, particularly courses on controversy mapping (within masters of the École de la Communication and the Paris School of International Affairs).