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Thomas Tari

Lecturer, PhD in sociology of knowledge and science and technology studies.


  • Mail: thomas.tari●sciencespo.fr

Thomas Tari is a sociologist of knowledge. He graduated from EHESS and holds a PhD from the University of Paris-Est. He joined the médialab in 2015, to participate in the FORCCAST programme as a pedagogical engineer, through the production of contents and new pedagogical formats concerning the knowledge production in society. His research focused on the emergence of a research field in bioenergy (PhD thesis, 2015), and is now studying the diversity of methods used to count the dead in humanitarian crises - he is teaching a course on this topic at the Paris School of International Affairs. For Sciences Po College, he co-designed and teaches the new course 'Science and society', takes part in the pedagogical 'Digital Culture' experimentation.

Selected works