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Sreya Nath

I seek to represent the intersections and the margins; especially through the gendered dimensions of immigrant discourse in media.

Research Assistant

As an intern student, Sreya is working with Prof. Jean-Philippe Cointet and his team especially with his PhD student Katharina Tittel. Her work is to analyse the gendered perception and racialized hiérarchies on the migration related news pertaining to the press articles and Tweets churned by the UK, French and German press and corresponding twitter accounts of French Organizations, Politicians etc. respectively. As an Intersectional Feminist, she is very curious about the media's perception of the marginalized and the ongoing charismatic metafauna (re)presented. 

Currently she is doing her Master's thesis jointly under Prof. Jean Philippe Cointet (médialab) and Prof. Marta Dominguez (Observatoire sociologique du changement-OSC) at Sciences Po. Her thesis topic dabbles with the analysis of the gender discourse of the migrant reportage by the French, German and UK press using mixed methodologies such Discourse Role Analysis, Embedding etc. 

She is the recipient of the prestigious French Government Scholarship (Charpak AME) which is helping her to pursue her Masters in International Development at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) at Sciences Po, Paris. Her concentrations are Migration and Quantitative Global Economy with Research Methods. Moreover, she is specialising in Advanced Gender Studies under PRESAGE too. 

Prior to this, she did her Bachelor's in Political Science (Hons) under the Department of International Relations at Jadavpur University in India. She has presented numerous papers pertaining to Gender-Based Violence which was the stepping point for her to study Gender and Development.