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Jean-Philippe Cointet

I design original methods of modeling digital traces to map public space and its dynamics.


Jean-Philippe Cointet is working at the Sciences Po médialab, where he designs innovative computational sociology methods. He is specialized in text analysis, and is working on various kinds of corpora and sources questioning their socio-political dynamics. His research areas are diverse, ranging from social media analysis (Facebook public posts and comments) to science of science (data turn in oncology)or political processes mapping (political discourses, international negotiations) and frame analysis (press coverage of migration processes). 

He also participates in developing  the CorText platform. He holds a PhD in Complex Systems and was trained as an engineer at Ecole Polytechnique. He is also  affiliated with the research center INCITE, from Columbia University. He defended his habilitation in Social Sciences at ENS in 2017.

He's coordinating the project GOPI funded by ANR (JCJC) which designs new word embedding methods for the modeling of public issues. 

Selected works