DIME-SHS is a research project that seeks to provide the Social Sciences community with an innovative survey tool for data collection, description and diffusion. Our ambition is to renew survey methodology to adapt the use of digital technologies in survey activities.


Nowadays survey methodologies in social sciences and humanities are still under-developed in France.


1. To collect quantitative data through the constitution of a panel equipped with mobile web devices;
2. To design and create a qualitative survey datacenter fostering secondary uses;
3. To collect and analyse spontaneous expressions on the web.
The project unifies these three steps to collect, document, and disseminate quantitative, qualitative, and web data making the most of the new possibilities in order to reduce costs and conduct innovative surveys using current information and communication technologies.

Project coordinator: Laurent Lesnard
Call for Project: « Investissements d’avenir – Équipement d’excellence 2010 » (Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche)

DIME-SHS / Web is an instrument composed of various tools and digital methods dedicated to social sciences.

Its scientific outlook is the digital trace, and specifically the web as a research field. As an instrument, it allows the analysis of phenomenons that are hidden to us because of their size, their dynamicity or their complexity.

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