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Tommaso Venturini is lecturer at King’s College London (Department of Digital Humanities) and affiliated researcher at the médialab of Sciences Po Paris, which he has founded and coordinated for six years.

He has been the leading scientist of the projects EMAPS and MEDEA and responsible for the Axis 1 of the project FORCCAST. He teaches Controversy Mapping, Digital Methods, Data Journalism and STS at graduate and undergraduate level.

His research activities focus on:
Digital Methods
Controversy Mapping
Social Modernization

He has been trained in sociology and media studies at the University of Bologna, completed a PhD in Society of Information at the University of Milano Bicocca and a post-doc in Sociology of Modernity at the Department of Philosophy and Communication of the University of Bologna. He has been visiting student at UCLA and visiting researcher atthe CETCOPRA of Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne.

During his studies, Tommaso Venturini has founded a web design agency and worked in several online communication projects.


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2010 - Venturini, T. Second Orality in R.K. Nielsen et al. (Eds.) International Collaborative Dictionary of Communications, url:


Journal Articles

VENTURINI, T., JENSEN, P., & LATOUR, B. (2015). Fill in the Gap: A New Alliance for Social and Natural Sciences. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 18(2), 11. Retrieved from

VENTURINI, T., JACOMY, M., BANEYX, A., & GIRARD, P. (2015). Hors champs: la multipositionnalité par l’analyse des réseaux. Working Paper, Médialab.

JACOMY, M., VENTURINI, T., HEYMANN, S., & BASTIAN, M. (2014). ForceAtlas2, a Continuous Graph Layout Algorithm for Handy Network Visualization Designed for the Gephi Software. PloS One, 9(6), e98679. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0098679

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VENTURINI, Tommaso. Medialab de Sciences Po : cartographier le web pour les sciences sociales. In e-Dossiers de l'audiovisuel INA. 2012.

2007 - Venturini, T. Verba Volant, Scripta Manent: the discontinuity effect of explicit media in American Behavioral Scientist, 50:7

Maps & Viz is an online atlas providing data, visualizations and commentaries about climate adaptation debate. It contains 33 issue-maps and 5 issue-stories.

A Digital Test of Gabriel Tarde's Monads // Une expérimentation numérique des monades de Gabriel Tarde.

The “Self Organization” network represents a network extracted from 572 entries of the ISI Web of Knowledge.

« copenhague : et si ça s’était passé autrement ? », les graphes des discours.


Democracy is the possibility to disagree. Equipment for mapping and interpreting controversies.

Working Papers

Other publications

VENTURINI, Tommaso. Building on faults : how to represent controversies with digital methods. Public Understanding of Science. [en ligne], décembre 2012, vol 21, n° 7, p. 796-812. ISSN 09636625. Disponible  sur :

2011 - Venturini, T. Hypertext Corpus Initiative in Observa Working Papers

2011 - Venturini, T. Hypertext Corpus Initiative, données hypertextuelles pour les sciences sociales in e-Dossier de l'audiovisuel INA

VENTURINI, Tommaso. Diving in Magma: How to Explore Controversies with Actor-Network Theory in Public Understanding of Science, 20:4 mai 2010

2008 - Venturini, T. Piccola introduzione alla cartografia delle controversie in Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa, 3

2006 - Venturini, T. Opera Aperta: Wikipedia e l’oralità secondaria in Magma, 4:1