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Graph Recipesmade by the médialab

a web environment to work with JavaScript on a GEXF network: compute metrics, produce images, and tinker with Graphology

Tools – Software

Mathieu Jacomy

Based on the "graphology" JavaScript library, Graph Recipes is a web app bridging visual exploration and scripting. It enables users to import graph data stored as a GEXF file in order to produce statistics and/or visualizations.

Voronoï render of a graph
Voronoï render of a graph

The app also enables JavaScript-savvy users to develop their own scripts to produce custom results.

Scripting UI with integrated editor
Scripting UI with integrated editor

Some examples of the app's capabilities:

  • Raster image of the graph
  • Vector image of the graph
  • Partition statistics computation
  • Heatmap rendering
  • etc.
Partition statistics computation
Partition statistics computation

processing, exploration and visualization