Le médialab

The médialab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory which conducts thematic and methodological research to investigate the role of digital technology in our societies.

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👩‍⚖️« L'apport du numérique au service de l'impact du parlement sur la loi ». Présentation du projet @LIEPP_ScPo par Olivier Rozenberg @SciencesPo_CEE, Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou et Damien Marié @medialab_ScPo aux #RE2020 le jeudi 13 février. Pour en savoir plus rencontresdelevaluation.fr pic.twitter.com/Mi5XOuGBOj

We hope you enjoyed our celebration edition and hope to see you again next year! Also a big thank you for all the help from the many many volunteers who are the true heroes who make this conference possible. Please help us improve by sending feedback to feedback@fosdem.org

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Colors for data scientists.


Actor Network Text Analyser


The RICardo dataset compiles trade statistics sources of international trade bilateral flows of the 19th century.


a collaborative scholarly text editor allowing to build static websites


Websites crawler with built-in exploration and control web interface


Datapackage for TOFLIT18 research project