Audrey Lohard has a diploma from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, where she followed a double curriculum in geography and political science.

She has worked from 2007 to 2009 at the heart of the Laboratory of Anthropology and Sociology within the University of Rennes 2. In that framework, she participated in the “Solipsis” project (ANR) where she studies practices and representations of communities and users in virtual universes.

She also collaborated with the project “Gamelab” (ANR), hosted by the LUTIN laboratory at the Cité des Sciences and Industry, where she had for mission the pooling and formalization of game designer expertise via the introduction of an artificial expert.

She joined the médialab of Sciences-Po in December of 2009 in order to integrate the “iPinion” project, directed by Dominique Boullier, who offers opinion study services online by using analysis of tonality tools. She is then in charge of the state of art and the methodological aspects of the structure of sources.

She also worked for 18 months within “Modélisations des imaginaires, Innovation et Création” of the engineering school Télécom ParisTech, where she is interested in usages and representations of digital techniques (augmented reality, virtual reality and physico-digital problematics)

She currently participates in the “Habitèle” project (ANR) who is interested in the usages of cellphones and the digital identities of cellphones.