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Google Bookmarkletsmade by the médialab

two buttons to be added to the browser to extract in a few clicks a set of Google Search results as CSV

Tools – Software

Benjamin Ooghe-Tabanou

Harvesting lists of urls, titles, dates and descriptions from a Google search query is a recurrent need in digital methods and a hardly automatable one because of Google's restrictions towards robots.

Google Bookmarklets are two small icons to drag and drop into your browser bookmarks bars to ease this:

  • a first button allows to switch from a Google search results page to the searc engine's old version which returns 100 results per page;
  •  the second button then allows to download in one click these results as CSV, or to store them in the browser's memory and navigate to the next results page in order to download more results at once.

Google Bookmarklets is built using artoo.js and licensed under GPL 3.0 with its source code available on Github.


all audiences