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Katharina Tittel

I am conducting research on media coverage related to migration, focussing on the (re-)production of racialised hierarchies between different groups of migrants.

PhD Student

Katharina Tittel holds a Master's degree in Economic Policy from Sciences Po, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), specializing in Europe and Methods. She is currently pursuing her thesis in Sociology under the supervision of Jean-Philippe Cointet (médialab) and Ettore Recchi (Center for Research on Social Inequalities), funded by the Institut Convergences Migrations.

Before joining Sciences Po, she obtained her Bachelor's degree from the University of Leuphana and worked for a German-Israeli tech start-up. She also participated in a project at the Centre de recherche franco-allemand Marc Bloch, where she worked as part of the Computational Social Sciences team on the issue of the fragmentation of the European public space on Twitter during the European elections.

Building on her previous work that consisted of a comparative study (United Kingdom, Germany, France) focusing on migration issues, Katharina's thesis analyses (social) media discourses on the topic of immigration in Germany and France. Using a large-scale dataset of press articles; behavioural traces of public interaction with these sources on social media, social media content produced by different types of actors, interviews and ethnographic approaches, her research employs a multi-method analysis to examine the factors that influence media reporting on the subject. Her research is part of the broader framework of the work carried out at the médialab on the structure of the public media space. 

Selected works