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Tommaso Venturini, Axel Meunier, Alexis Jacomy, Mathieu Jacomy, Guillaume Plique, Benjamin Ooghe, Paul Girard, Audrey Baneyx, Daniele Guido, Ian Gray, Kari de Pryck, Nicolas Baya Laffite, Richard Rogers, Anders Kristian Munk, Erik Borra, Liliana Bounegru, Paolo Ciuccarelli, Andreas Kaltenbrunner, David Laniado

This website presents the results of the EU research project EMAPS, as well as its process: an experiment to use computation and visualization to harness the increasing availability of digital data and mobilize it for public debate. To do so, EMAPS gathered a team of social and data scientists, climate experts and information designers. It also reached out beyond the walls of Academia and engaged with the actors of the climate debate.