Justine graduated with a BA in English from Université Bordeaux Montaigne and a Master’s degree from University of Chester, England. She then got in the Multimedia and Multilingual Documentation Design professional master’s programme at Université Paris Diderot.

The students following this course are mainly formed to produce bilingual technical documentation (user’s guide, online support) and training media (e-learning modules). They are also trained in other various disciplines such as information project management, web design, illustration softwares use, information architecture and structured writing.

As part of the training, Justine joined the Forccast team in September 2016 as a junior technical communicator.

Her main task is to design the technical documentation of the controversy mapping multimedia tools Forccast has been developing. She is also missioned to communicate the Forccast’s pedagogical activities through posts on the Programme’s website and newsletters sent to partners and other parties involved.