Researcher, political scientist and specialist in Russia, Estelle Lezean is a graduate of INALCO and Sciences Po. She has a PhD in political science on the transformation of the agricultural sector in the context of land privatization in Russia since 1990.

She has directed the French University College of Saint Petersburg (2009-2011) and created the Department of Comparative Political Science (St. Petersburg Branch) of the Russian Federation Civil Service Academy (RANEPA) in 2011. As Dean of this department (2011-2016), she has been actively involved in Russian higher education reforms, strengthening her knowledge and expertise in university management and public administration.

In 2016, she was Visiting Scholar at the Davis Center for Russian Studies in Harvard University (2016).

Since 2017, she has been a lecturer in geopolitics, risk and geostrategy for a master degree at UPEC. Her current research is:

– on the analysis of conflicts and actor’s compromises in the transformation process of property institutions in Russia,

– on the definition of the concept of “food security” in Russia in a context where agriculture and trade in agricultural and food products have an obvious geostrategic feature.

Since the spring of 2017, she has been contributing to the Mapping French Russia research project, in collaboration with Vincent Lépinay. The Mapping French Russia project is understood as the mapping of Russian controversies between researchers, intellectuals, artists and journalists in France. Based on digital humanities, this research apprehends the digital traces left by academic publications and newspaper articles in order to define the scope of Russian studies in France.

See Estelle Lezean résumé.