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Palladiorecommended by the médialab

an application for cleaning and explore complex, temporal and spatial data

Tools – Software

Humanities + Design team, Stanford University

Initially designed for the specific context of historical research (see the Mapping the Republic of Letters project), Palladio allows to curate and explore one or several tabular datasets (.csv, .tsv files), in order to visualize spatiotemporal and topological patterns.

On the curating side, the tool allows to join related tables (for instance, establish a correspondance between a "people" table containing a "birthplace" column and a "places" table containing geographical coordinates) and to improve data (type verification, delimiters handling, etc.). 

On the exploration side, Palladio allows to visualize data as spatio-temporal linked visualizations, node-link networks or galleries.

curation, visualization and exploration

all audiences