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Manylinesmade by the médialab

web application allowing to display, spatialize and categorize a network, then to write and share an interactive story composed of specific views of the visualization

Tools – Software

Mathieu Jacomy, Guillaume Plique, Alexis Jacomy, Paul Girard, Daniele Guido

Manylines is a web application enabling users to build narrations around the guided tour of some given network.

The user is then able to import a graph stored as a gexf file, to spatialize it and to explore its various categories and metrics. It then becomes possible to build one or many narrations by chaining "views" of the graph. Those views remember a specific state of the visualization by combining camera position and some filters over the graph's categories and values.

Exploring the graph
Exploring the graph

Finally, the application enables users to publish their narrations on the web in order to integrate them to other web sites, within an article for instance.

Une narration de réseau publié sur le web
Une narration de réseau publié sur le web

However this application has now been archived and will not let users save and publish their work anymore. It is nevertheless still online and can still be used to explore a graph. Likewise, every narration published when the application was not yet archived are still working and online without any issue. For instance, this narration published as a demo for the application during FOSDEM 2015 is still online.

exploration, writing and visualization

all audiences