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CorTexTrecommended by the médialab

The CorTexT initiative of IFRIS proposes tools to explore and analyse semantics dynamics in corpus of texts.

Tools – Software

IFRIS (Jean-Philippe Cointet, Philippe Breucker, Guillaume Orsal, Marc Barbier et Lionel Villard)

The CorTexT Platform is the digital platform of LISIS Unit and a project launched and sustained by IFRIS and INRAE.

It aims at empowering open research and studies in humanities about the dynamic of science, technology and knowledge production allowing the textual analysis and the visualization of collected datasets.

The basic workflow is as following :
- upload raw files from various scientific bibliography databases (ISI Thomson Web of Science, Pubmed, etc) and simple CSV files
- transform text files into standard corpus database file
- perform a series of graphical analysis to produce :

  • descriptive statistical analysis
  • social graphs of entities
  • timeline based phylogenetic reconstructions

- download outputs in format compatible with third party software.

processing, exploration and visualization

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