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  3. L’usage de Twitter par les maires d’Île-de-France

L’usage de Twitter par les maires d’Île-de-France

Nicolas Douay, Nicolas Reys, Sabrina, Géographie-Cités Robin

This article proposes to visualize digital data produced by the use of the social network Twitter by the mayors of the Ile-de-France region. Twitter is now a growing tool for communication and public figures use it extensively as a way to reach webusers interested in their commitments and responsibilities. The analysis and visualization of these “big data” are therefore intended to carry out a study of the use of a social network by local representatives. This is, first, to draw up a typical profile of mayors present on the social network based on gender, age, political affiliation, level of responsibility and type of space. Then characterize the uses on the hearing and outreach activity by analyzing the number of tweets and followers by taking the same criteria. And finally, it is to observe the content of the messages exchanged and to analyze it as illustrations of the local public debate.