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Pablo J. Boczkowski profile picture. Credits: Dan Komoda, Institute for Advanced Study

Pablo J. Boczkowski

My current research centers on the intersection between inequality, sociality, and personhood in the digitization of mental health work.


Associate member

Pablo  J. Boczkowski has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from  Universidad de Buenos Aires, a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology  from Universidad de Belgrano,  and master and doctoral degrees in Science and Technology Studies at  Cornell University. He was an assistant professor at MIT’s Sloan School  of Management from 2001 until 2005, and since then he has been on the  faculty in the Department of Communication Studies  at Northwestern University. His research program examines the dynamics  of digital culture from a comparative perspective. After a quarter  century centering this program on the interactions between material  culture, communication, journalism, and politics,  he is currently working on a book manuscript on the digitization of  mental health professions tentatively entitled “Digital Freud: The  Refiguration of Inequality, Sociality, and Personhood in Clinical  Practice.” Boczkowski,  a Fellow of the International Communication Association, is the author  of seven books, five edited volumes, and more than sixty journal  articles.