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Mathilde Emeriau profile picture. Credits: Alexis Lecomte

Mathilde Emeriau

I use quantitative methods to study discrimination and immigrant integration, with a focus on France.


Mathilde Emeriau is an Assistant Professor in Computational Social Science. She holds a PhD in Political Science from Stanford University and a M.A in Economics from the Paris School of Economics. Before joining the médialab, she was an Assistant Professor in the Government department at the London School of Economics.

Mathilde studies the determinants of immigrant integration in France using quantitative methods. She exploits a wide variety of data sources (government surveys, original data collection, and archival sources) and research designs to draw robust causal inferences (randomized experiments, event studies, and regression discontinuity designs). 

Mathilde is also involved in the work of the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Evaluation of Public Policies (LIEPP) and the Project Liberty Institute (former McCourt Institute).