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Andrea Benedetti

Former member

My research explores the relationship between data, interfaces, and society from a designerly standpoint, to find alternative ways to design technological artifacts.

Visiting PhD student

Former member

Lucas left the médialab in September 2023.


PhD Student in Design at the Politecnico di Milano, he’s affiliated to DensityDesign Lab. He works at the intersection of data visualization, creative coding and communication design, to explore the complex relationship between data, interfaces and society. In his work, he focuses on critical approaches to design, applied to the use and reappropriation of personal data and to the construction of the interaction with computational artefacts through creative uses of technology. 

He worked on interfaces for the curatorial and serendipitous exploration for digital archives of cultural heritage and is now focusing on the role of interfaces and the role of design in general in shaping awareness on how data is produced online by users. His teaching efforts are focused on teaching data visualization to students of various backgrounds, as well as creative coding as an expressive practice for designers. From 2017, he collaborates with the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam.

Selected works