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Solidarity with avec Fariba Adelkhah

The médialab gives Fariba Adelkhah all its support


The médialab is joining Sciences Po academic research community to express its solidarity with avec Fariba Adelkhah, our colleague from the CERI, who was arrested and jailed in Iran in June 2019 while carrying out her research.
We give Fariba and her family all our support and hopes for her early return.

Fariba's research

Fariba Adelkhah, a research professor at Sciences Po’s Center for International Research, is an anthropologist and a specialist in Iranian society.

She has published numerous books, notably on the question of modernity (Being Modern in Iran, Columbia University Press, 2004). She has also worked on the topic of public space in Afghanistan. Her current research focuses on the Shia clerical institution and she was, for this purpose, carrying out field work in Qom.