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Social Sciences Third Generation

the seminar SHS3G will welcome Geof Bowker and Noortje Marres

Event, Research Seminar

Maison Suger, 16-18 Rue Suger, 75006 Paris


, the seminar SHS3G, managed by the médialab (Dominique Boullier), will welcome

at the "Maison Suger" 16-18 rue Suger Paris 75006. "Social sciences third generation" is coined to account for the challenge to social sciences created by the emergence of Big Data, as a ressource, a technology and an intellectual framework. Traces become abundant but only platforms (GAFAT) generate and process them at will. Social sciences must invent new conventions to follow the vibrations of the digital world as new entities, different from "society" or from "opinion". The website http://shs3g.hypotheses.org/ provides papers, accounts and news about the seminar.The next meeting will take place on June

, at the  Maison Suger , 16-18 rue Suger 75006 Paris and will hostGeof Bowker, professor at University of California Irvine, and Noorjet Marres, Professor at Goldsmiths Institute, University of London