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Sanctions, Standards, and Sovereignty

The "Matérialités du numérique" (MatNum) seminar welcomes Niels Ten Oever, researcher at the Critical Infrastructure Lab and assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam, for a presentation in English entitled: "Sanctions, Standards, and Sovereignty: Examining Power in Communication Networks with Infrastructural Ideologies".

Event, Research Seminar

Salle 30.1.24, Cnam, 2 rue Conté, 75003 Paris


"Despite ever-increasing discourse about internet fragmentation and digital sovereignty, the world has never been more digitally connected. At the same time, information networks are continuously being reconfigured by states and corporations at different layers of the stack. Taking this into account, what methods and theoretical approaches  can be levered to analyze power in communication networks today? In this talk we will analyze the implementation of EU sanctions against Russian media, and the development of 5G and internet standards to see how the developing framework of infrastructural ideologies can help us understand the shaping of global communication infrastructures while taking the political and the material into account."

Practical info

The session will take place, in English, via videoconference (Zoom) and at the Cnam (2 rue Conté, 75003 Paris).

Mandatory registration.