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MetAt - January 9, 2024 logbook

Share our methodological expertise and skills.

Event, Workshop

Salle K.011, 1 place Saint Thomas d'Aquin 75007 Paris

What is METAT?

METAT is a research methods support workshop: every month, a three-hour slot to help you resolve the methodological difficulties you encounter in the course of a scientific project.

Who is METAT for?

METAT is aimed at anyone needing occasional support in using a research tool or method. All profiles are welcome: students, doctoral students, researchers, research engineering professionals and others, inside and outside Sciences Po, with no restrictions on status or affiliation.

How to register?

Registration is compulsory via the form available on the METAT page

Session of 01/09/2024

Location: Sciences Po

Supervisors: Guillaume Plique, Diego Antolinos Basso

Mapping the terrain of sickle cell disease

Second support for a Sciences Po master's student wishing to compare maps co-produced with interviewees, to represent the living areas of sickle-cell anaemia. The support took the form of a discussion on the consequences of choosing a survey protocol and the role of (re)adjustment. The supervisors suggested interview methods, mapping possibilities and a "with" rather than "on" survey approach. The student should seek the advice of a research designer to pursue his/her project.