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The nuts and bolts of mapping

The 41st session of the MetSem seminar will take place on Thursday 11 January 2024 from 2.30pm to 5pm, and will welcome Christine Plumejeaud (MIGRINTER), for a presentation entitled "The nuts and bolts of mapping".

Event, MetSem seminar

Salle K.011, 1 place Saint Thomas d'Aquin 75007 Paris

Introduction to the session: 

The MetSem seminar 'the nuts and bolts of mapping' will present some of the issues involved in map production in the form of feedback from a geomatician (who is neither a cartographer nor a mapmaker).  The workings that lead from data to maps will be illustrated in different research situations, with an exhibition of the tools used and the underlying hypotheses. In particular, the use of QGIS, R, Python and Javascript will be discussed, along with a few examples of code. Finally, the discussion will focus on the creative opportunities that may or may not be offered by today's abundance of technology.