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Content Moderation in the Age of DSA

The Good in Tech research network* offers a 2 days-conference to think about the new European Digital Services Act, an ambitious regulatory framework to face the digital transformation of the public space.

Rendez-vous, Conférence

Amphi Simone Veil, 28 rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris

The new European Digital Services Act provides an ambitious regulatory framework to face the digital transformation of the public space. The Act defines new obligations for digital platforms and aims to make the moderation policies of large online platforms more transparent and accountable. Is this new regulatory framework appropriate to solve the digital information disorder? The circulation of fake news, hate speech and the algorithmic amplification of unreliable content have deeply damaged the quality of public discussion. 

This conference aims to put into perspective the new environment the DSA is about to set up in the European context by bringing together researchers, regulatory actors and representatives of digital platforms.


January 12th, 2023 : This first day will question the drifts that currently affect online communication and the new rules, techniques and practices underlying moderation.

  • Session 1 Freedom of expression and internet 
  • Session 2 Information disorders
  • Session 3 Fact checking and moderation
  • Session 4 Algorithms and content moderation

January 13th, 2023 : The second day will focus on the issues of platform regulation and the new european DSA, with differents actors.

  • Session 5 An European-American view of platform regulation
  • Round Table 1 Research, civil society and the audit of platforms
  • Round Table 2 DSA & platforms regulation I
  • Round Table 3 DSA & platforms regulation II

Practical Info

This conference will be held at Sciences Po, 28 rue des Saint-Pères (Amphi Simon Veil), 75007 Paris. The room is not equipped with facilities for Persons with Reduced Mobility. 

Registration is mandatory.


This conference is organized by the Good in Tech research network, in partnership with the Sciences Po Chair "Digital, Governance and Sovereignty", the McCourt Institute, and the MSH Paris-Saclay with the support of Arcom, the DE FACTO project, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and the Sciences Po médialab .


*The Good in Tech research network is a partnership between Institut Mines Telecom and Sciences Po. It conducts multidisciplinary research in two areas: data, algorithms and society; and digital responsibility of organizations.