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Study of the IEP of Paris

Activité terminée

Tableau ou réseau : comment étudier les multiples positions de pouvoirs des enseignants de l'IEP de Paris ?

Une revisite de l'étude de Luc Boltanski « L’espace positionnel : multiplicité des positions institutionnelles et habitus de classe »



Marie Scot, historian at the Scientific Department of Sciences Po, proposes to revisit the work of Luc Boltanski. The médialab, jointly with the Center for Socio-Political Data of Sciences Po, undertakes a study of the data collected as well as the methodology used to integrate it into the research process. The first part of the survey, carried out in close cooperation with the Center for Socio-Political Data of Sciences Po, is a statistical analysis of the IEP of Paris' manpower between 1955 and 2008. The second part of the project is in direct relation with Luc Boltanski and Pierre Bourdieu's reflection on the dominant class and the dominant ideology.


Boltanski's study “Positional space. Multiplicity of the institutional positions and habitus of class” is based on a corpus gathering all professors and university lecturers having taught at the IEP between 1955 and 2008.


To make sense out of the corpus and to be able to describe precisely every evolutions, trends and specific facts -- macro and micro.
To materialize potential networks appearing from links between people conveying knowledge at the IEP of Paris since 1955.