The “self-organization” network

Detail of the 'profile' of the keyword 'self-organization'. The network is built using as nodes all keywords, authors, references and addresses of the articles which use the keyword 'self-organization' in the Web of Science© between 2006 and 2010. The size of the nodes and labels is proportional to the number of articles in which an author, institution, reference or keyword appears. Links between two nodes are created whenever these two entities appear in the same article. Weights are attributed to these links depending on the frequency of these co-appearance.

Node spatialization is performed using Gephi's ForceAtlas 2 algorithm (Jacomy, M., Heymann, S., Venturini, T., & Bastian, M. (forthcoming). ForceAtlas2 , a graph layout algorithm for handy network visualization). In this approach, links are interpreted as springs, and nodes which are strongly linked tend to appear close to each other. The node corresponding to self-organization has been deleted to improve readability as it was connected to all nodes in the graph.
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