Politics of the Earth international conference – 4th and 5th december Retour aux actualités

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In the framework of the second EDGE annual conference, funded by the European Commission H2020 programme, the research team of the interdisciplinary project « Politics of the Earth » will come back on 3 years of experimental research from very different disciplines and backgrounds in order to explore new scientific questions around the representations and government of environmental issues in the Anthropocene

On the 4th and 5th December 2017, the different teams involved in the project will share their results and confront them to the works of major scholars and thinkers in their field. Thus the conference intends to break away from disciplinary divides and bring a fresh look on the key issues brought upon by the Anthropocene.

This conference will take place on Monday 4th December at Paris Descartes University, 12 rue de l’Ecole de médecine, 75006, Paris and on Tuesday 5th December at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, 1 rue jussieu, 75005 Paris.

Find the program of the international conference here.

To attend, please do register at the following link : http://bit.ly/2k80Caz

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