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[Filed position] Research Internship in Computational Social Sciences

The médialab at Sciences is hiring a research intern in computational social sciences to work on the European Polarisation Observatory.

Annonce, Annonce


The European Polarisation Observatory (EPO) is a joint initiative founded by Sciences Po, Bocconi University in Milan, the London School of Economics, and the Central European University in Vienna. The goal of EPO is to bridge the gap between American and European conceptualization of polarization in large-scale social media studies and to analyze polarization in political settings beyond left-right or liberal-conservative cleavages. To achieve this, we rely on political survey data, social media data collection, and innovative quantitative data analysis methods. We are at the frontier between computer science and political sciences.


Some of the tasks that the hired person will perform include:

- Conduct data annotation and analyses of social media accounts of political figures.

- Conduct data collection operations using our computation servers and collections

tools developed by our engineering team (check our tools pages)

- Conduct data analysis on large datasets and participate in political analyses related

to particular forms of polarization across Europe.

Desired profile

we are looking to hire a profile with data science expertise and interested in

working on a political science big data project, or profiles in sociology or political sciences

with experience in coding and data collection. Some of the skills and interests we are looking

for candidates:

- Interest in constructing meticulous and well-documented social media and political


- Interest in political science research

- Experience coding in Python and data management

Application porcedure

If you are interested in the position please send us CV to:

pedro.ramaciottimorales@sciencespo.fr and jeanphilippe.cointet@sciencespo.fr

indicating the earliest date at which you could start working with us.

We will review applications until 15 Jan 2023, or until the positions is filled.