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IPCC mapping

A l'occasion de la publication du Rapport du GIEC-AR5, Sciences Po médialab a publié un ensemble de visualisations sur la composition et la dynamique du GIEC.


On the occasion of the publication of the Summary for Policy Making of the IPCC-AR5 WG1, the Sciences Po médialab just released a set of visualizations on the composition and dynamics of the IPCC http://www.medialab.sciences-po.fr/ipcc/

The images (released under a creative commons licence) are based on a novel datasets compiled by the médialab and containing information on all 3,443 individual IPCC authors over the last 5 Assessment Reports (ARs). The dataset includes information on authors' institutional affiliations, country of affiliation, authorial roles and individual chapter participations. This database provides the means to visualize the life and evolution of the institution over the last 25 years.

Through the next year, new visualizations will be published on the médialab website and eventually, the data will be made public through an online interactive platform.

Stay tuned!