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Climaps, un atlas mondial de l'adaptation au changement climatique

Le résultat du projet EMAPS est en ligne: un atlas de visualisations de données


Climate change is happening; we have no choice but to adapt. Yet how are we going to live with a changing climate? How are we going to share the burden of adaptation among countries, regions and communities? How to be fair to all human and non-human beings affected by such a planetary transition? Since our collective life depends on these questions, they deserve discussion, debate and even controversy.

EMAPS project result

To provide some help to navigate in the uncharted territories that lead to our future, the three-year EMAPS project has produced an electronic atlas called Climaps.

The atlas offers 33 data visualizations. They deal with topics ranging from the funding of adaptation, the calculations of vulnerability to climate change, to the scenarios of the future in the cli-fi literature.

The atlas also proposes 5 issue stories that bind together visualizations to produce novel narratives about climate change adaptation.

Climaps data

Digital data have been harvested, processed and visualized through a unique methodology created by the teams involved in EMAPS, which the médialab coordinated until its end on October 31st. This methodology involves working right from the start with the communities of experts that the maps are addressing. In the future, it could be applied to other issues of societal and political relevance.EMAPS (Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science) was funded under the EU FP7 Science in Society Programme.For more information write us at info@climaps.eu.