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[Closed] 1st European Polarisation Conference

L'Observatoire européen de la polarisation de CIVICA (EPO) lance un appel à contributions pour la 1ère conférence européenne sur la polarisation.

Annonce, Appel à contributions

The conference will take place online on February 15th, 2023.

Topics of interest

- Data-driven approaches for the study of polarisation.

- Simulation-driven and agent-based approaches for modeling polarisation in opinion


- Experimental approaches for measuring polarisation.

- Emerging lines of political tensions linked to migratory flows, (dis)integration

processes, ecological transitions, globalisation, and economic challenges.

- Polarisation, populism, and democratic backsliding.

- Polarisation, trust in institutions, and democratic reform.

- Polarisation, inequality, social cohesion.

- Polarisation in social media and news media dynamics.

- Affective and ideological polarisation.

- Issue alignment in social media and geometrical representations of political competition.

Who can apply?

Researchers at all levels (phds, postdocs, faculty) and from all disciplines and countries are welcome to submit proposals.

How to apply?

Proposals for contributions must be submitted in the form of a 1-page extended abstract, indicating name and affiliation. We accept contributions consisting of both published and ongoing works. If your abstract relates to published work, please include links to them.

Please submit via email by Jan 15th 2023 to: epo.conference-scpolst@sciencespo.fr