J. Charlet, A. Baneyx, O. Steichen, I. Alecu, C. D.-L. Bozec, C. Bousquet, and M.-C. Jaulent. Utiliser et construire des ontologies en médecine. Le primat de la terminologie. Technique et Science Informatiques, 28(2):145–171, 2009.


Abstract: Semantic Web requires to build ontologies allowing, by their formal character, to automate certain number of tasks connected mainly to information retrieval and to classification. In this paper, we want to show that the medicine has specificities which constrain the building of ontologies and their use. These specificities bring to take into account the linguistic character of numerous medical thesaurus and to use them in coordination with ontologies to exploit the medical information. Moreover, the building of the ontologies can take into account the linguistic expression of knowledge by using texts generated by the health professionals during their activity. We give examples with medical applications in three different medical specialties.

Keywords: Ontology, Interface Ontology, Reference Ontology, Medical Specialty Thesaurus, Knowledge engineering, Natural Language Processing.