This network includes climate change related articles on Wikipedia. The 998 articles, as well al the full network of their hyperlink connections, were identified and downloaded in May 2012.

Node spatialization is performed using Gephi's ForceAtlas 2 algorithm (Jacomy, M., Heymann, S., Venturini, T., & Bastian, M. (forthcoming). ForceAtlas2 , a graph layout algorithm for handy network visualization). In this approach, links are interpreted as springs, and nodes which are strongly linked tend to appear close to each other. The node corresponding to self-organization has been deleted to improve readability as it was connected to all nodes in the graph.

The articles have also been classified manually into the main controversies, including Existence (of anthropogenic climate change) and attribution, Mitigation, and Adaptation/consequences. A final category of nodes indicates articles that concern two or three of these controversies, and are here labelled General. These main controversies are shown by colour coding in the figure.

Note that there is a distinct cluster of geoengineering related articles at the bottom, and slightly to the left, of the network. This confirms the existence of geoengineering as a separate category in the discourse on climate change on Wikipedia. However, some land-based carbon dioxide removal technologies are embedded in the main part of the network, among Mitigation and Adaptation articles.