VENTURINI, Tommaso, GEMENNE, François, SEVERO, Marta. Des Migrants et des Mots Une analyse numérique des débats médiatiques sur les migrations et l'environnement. Cultures & Conflits. 2013, vol forthcomin.

Though environmental degradations appear today as a major driver of migration flows, the debate about the definition of the relationship between environment and migration remains vivid. In public debates, many terms exist to qualify those who have to migrate because of environmental disruptions: this has lead to controversies surrounding the use of these different terms. This article attempts to document this controversy through a study of the different uses of these terms in public debates online. In order to do so, we have used a new digital method that has allowed us, thanks to a search on, to collect webpages where the discussion on the different definitions of these migrations was most visible. Building on an analysis of the expressions contained in these webpages, we have generated semantic maps that show which terms are associated with each other: in particular, which actors, places and concepts were connected to the most terms. These maps reflect the polymorphic reality of these migrations, but also the categorical void that surrounds them.